A highly informative tribute to the Supervision
handheld video game system and its games.
a feature of Diskman Presents
  Balloon Fight
  Block Buster
  Block Buster / Cross High
  Brain Power
  Bubble World
  Cave Wonders
  Challenger Tank
  Chinese Checkers
  Classic Casino
  Dancing Block
  Delta Hero
  Dream World
  Eagle Plan
  Earth Defender
  Fatal Craft
  Final Combat
  Galactic Crusader
  Galaxy Fighter
  Grand Prix
  Happy Pairs
  Happy Race
  Hash Blocks
  Hash Block / Eagle Plan
  Hero Hawk
  Hero Kid
  Honey Bee
  Jacky Lucky
  Jaguar Bomber
  John Adventure
  Journey to the West
  Kabi Island
  Kitchen War
  Kung-Fu Street
  Linear Racing
  Matta Blatta
  Olympic Trials
  P-52 Sea Battle
  Pacboy & Mouse
  Pacific Battle
  Penguin Hideout
  Police Bust
  Popo Team
  Recycle Design
  Soccer Champion
  Sonny X'Press
  Space Fighter
  Super Block
  Super Kong
  Super Pang
  Tasac 2010
  Tennis Pro '92
  Thunder Shooting
  Treasure Hunter
  Witty Cat


  Devil Paradise
  Happy Flappy
  Jade Legend
  Marpol Brother
  The Kung-Fu Fighter
  Wonder Fish

While the rest of the world turned to the Nintendo Game Boy for all their handheld gaming needs, a few unfortunate souls were subjected to a budget, Chinese knock-off called the Supervision. The machine, which was made available around the world in several different styles by quite a few different firms, first appeared on the market in the early 1990s.

Like the Game Boy, the Supervision is a handheld video game system with a four color “pea soup” display, that runs off batteries or an AC adapter, and accepts specially designed game cartridges. But while there are many great Game Boy games available, Supervision games are generally stinkers. Most of them are actually more frustrating than fun. Why? For one, many have dreadful controls. Some are unbeatable, often due to poor or unfinished programming. And others are flat-out unplayable. Furthermore, Supervision games often feature dull graphics and eardrum-shattering sound. In fact, you may actually get more enjoyment from laughing at the absurdity of the games than from actually playing them. I know I do.

So, despite the machine having a few technical advantages over Nintendo's product — such as a larger screen resolution and display, and a tiltable screen in some models — its relative obscurity and lackluster game library kept the Supervision from ever becoming widely popular. As a result, this “handheld of the less fortunate” quickly faded from the market and was never heard from again.

Until now.

This website is my best effort to inform you about the handheld the world forgot; to cram your brain full of interesting bits of factual information about its games. Enjoy...?

• October 4, 2018

Get psyched! Today day marks this website's GRAND OPENING.


The world is now forced to learn about the Supervision handheld thanks to the official launch of this website. I have more information than the average visitor could possibly give a hoot about, and that's the way I like it!

But seriously though: I started work on this website all the way back in 2003. Why did it take me so fjørkin' long to get it “finished” and online? The joy of real life? My entrepreneurial endeavors? Pursuing Asian women? Frequent trips round the world? Well yeah, all of those. But perhaps the most understandable excuse for my dragging ass on this project for so many years: It wasn't fun. At all. But it was important for me to get the info out there. And here it is. I'm proud of and happy with the result, and hope you dig on it too. Thanks for checking it out.

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C R E D I T S   &   T H A N K S

Brandon Cobb : That's me! My obsession with the Supervision lead me to create this website, a process which included countless wasted hours of playing through and completing the games, making screenshots and scans, keying in poorly written game documentation and so much more, it would make me nauseous to write about it!

Syd Bolton : He created the first ever Supervision website. His dedication to the machine inspired me to go above and beyond, researching all kinds of zany Supervision info to share with the world.

Peter Trauner : For doing extensive hardware research about and writing technical documentation for the Supervision and the TV-Link, as well as authoring the first Supervision emulator, he deserves a gigantic pat on the back.

Hannes Drexl : He's the pixel artist who prepared the cunning Supervision logo that you see at the top of each page, as well as the striking pictures of Sonny the monkey.

Osman Celimli : I somehow roped him into becoming curious enough about the Supervision to actually develop a more capable emulator than all the rest. My apologies, old friend.
H E L P   M E

No, I don't mean have me committed. (Believe it or not, my Supervision obsession is manageable.)

If you can help in any way with my Supervision research by, for example, providing any system, game, or accessory information not already featured here, scoring me some Supervision development hardware, software, or prototypes, or helping me contact former developers, manufacturers or distributors involved with the Supervision so we can have a little chat, I'd greatly appreciate it!

In case you're curious, my interest in the Supervision began when, as a kid, I saw an ad for it in Johnson Smith's corny “Things You Never Knew Existed” mail order catalog. They were hawking the Supervision plus a few games for something like fifty bucks. What a deal, right? Well my mom didn't think so, because she refused to buy it for me. (Smart woman. I probably would have only played the stupid thing for about a half an hour before chucking it across the room.)

Flash forward to my early 20s, when I suddenly remembered this “handheld of the less fortunate” and could no longer contain my curiosity. I started a collection, which regrettably sparked a HUGE and INTENSE research and documentation effort, culminating in this website. And that's that.

Thanks for visiting. Together, we can keep the Supervision legacy alive. (Whether we like it or not.)
- Brandon Cobb
“Supervision: handheld of the less fortunate” created by and © Brandon Cobb.